Cutting-edge collagen biocomposite reinforced with 2D nano-talc for bone tissue engineering


Ana Carolina Ferreira de Brito, Samuel Marques de Sousa, Helane Lucia Oliveira de Morais, Pedro Henrique Mendes da Costa, Nathanael Vieira Medrado, Mariana Castro de Prado, Ingrid David Barcelos, Érika Costa de Alvarenga, Bernardo Ruegger Almeida Neves, Ana Paula Moreira Barboza, and Taíse Matte Manhabosco. 2024. “Cutting-edge collagen biocomposite reinforced with 2D nano-talc for bone tissue engineering.” Nanomedicine: Nanotechnology, Biology and Medicine, Pp. 102756.


The advancement of nanobiocomposites reinforced with 2D nano-materials plays a pivotal role in enhancing bone tissue engineering. In this study, we introduce a nanobiocomposite that reinforces bovine collagen with 2D nano-talc, a recently exfoliated nano-mineral. These nanobiocomposites were prepared by blending collagen with varying concentrations of 2D nano-talc, encompassing mono- and few-layers talc from soapstone nanomaterial. Extensive characterization techniques including AFM, XPS, nano-FTIR, s-SNOM nanoimaging, Force Spectroscopy, and PeakForce QNM® were employed. The incorporation of 2D nano-talc significantly enhanced the mechanical properties of the nanobiocomposites, resulting in increased stiffness compared to pristine collagen. In vitro studies supported the growth and proliferation of osteoblasts onto 2D nano-talc-reinforced nanobiocomposites, as well as showed the highest mineralization potential. These findings highlight the substantial potential of the developed nanobiocomposite as a scaffold material for bone tissue engineering applications.